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Is Your Daily Routine Hurting your shot at Racing Success?

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A teaching message that you have heard me repeat over and over to my racers is: Racing is a business.  If you want to attract sponsors, funding and big opportunities in this day and age in motorsports, you must run your racing program, team and career as a well-run business would.  Putting tried and true ‘business success’ daily practices in place for yourself are crucial to your growth and how to achieve desired results.

Managing your time is the most important element in this practice.  I know you work hard, I know you want success really bad and have sacrificed alot to try and get there and even stay successful. But when you look back at the end of each day or week, were you “busy” or where you “productive”?

I tell my clients and students THIS to help them be more productive: “Where you put your time, attention, focus, energy, action and money is where you will see results, good or bad.”

Ask yourself the question>> “Where am I putting most of my time, attention, focus, energy and action?”  This could be very telling in why you may not be seeing the results where you want them to be.

When you want a faster race car, you don’t just put your time, attention, focus, energy, actions and money just into your engine, right?  You put it also into the chassis and other components of the race car, too.  You don’t just want a fast motor and it is worthless because the rest of the car breaks all the time! This is just common sense.

So, with attracting good sponsors, funding and bigger opportunities for your racing career, this comes only with putting your time, attention, focus, energy, action and money behind your marketing. It’s consistent marketing that causes these great sponsorship results to happen.

Are you putting your time into marketing? I know it’s something many racers put on the back burner because you want to focus on other things in your racing.  BUT you want the money to race, right?  You want BIG opportunities for your career, right?  Back burner marketing does not get you the sponsors or opportunities you are hoping for.

Marketing needs to be a PRIORITY. If marketing yourself and your team is not a priority with your daily routine, it will actually hinder and stop the flow of good opportunities and sponsors to you, or even worse – drive away the sponsors you have!

Think about this: If you are not good with time management with your own marketing, how can you set aside the time to make sure you do the marketing needed once you HAVE the sponsor?  Then what?  So it’s crucial that you get on a good flow with marketing now.

You are probably saying – you are busy on the car, racing itself,  busy with work, etc – how can you fit in the marketing?

This comes with managing your time, and using tools and technology to help you.  In this video I give you strategies on how to do exactly that and after the video scroll down below for my top time management tips for racers who want to create good marketing practices that create awesome sponsor results!

Watch Video then scroll down for more strategies to get you started and on track!


  • 1.) Use technology – time management apps, calendars, reminders (I use google calendar and love it!) My Top Time Management Tips For Racers That Want Sponsor Results:
  • 2.) Get help on things anyone can do, to free you up to do the important marketing (many of the teams I coach get tech interns from local colleges to help on the race car with the easy stuff and it frees you up to really lead your team like a business – which you need to be the “FRONT MAN” when it comes to marketing and business/fan relationships)
  • 3.) Make marketing a priority and set time aside for it each day (use time saving social media apps and you can set your posts on Facebook ahead of time)
  • 4.) Give yourself accountabilty or get an accountabilty buddy to push you to get it done!
  • 5.) Show publicly how good you are with time management IE: Get to the track extra early, send calendar requests to potential sponsors for call appointments or meetings (well run businesses attract other well run businesses and you never know who is watching you)
  • 6.) When your week goes well, your weekend goes well. Getting yourself and your team on a common schedule (sharing your google calendar) whiteboards posted up with tasks and deadlines (leadership)
  • 7.) Motivate yourself by setting daily/weekly marketing goals and deadlines.  I have a cool planner that my students and I use and it works great for that purpose, you can purchase it on amazon.com here >>http://amzn.com/B00HRLH90O


Where are you wasting time?  What is always tugging you away from being productive? Address these issues and create solutions that keep you from getting sucked back in to time wasters. IE: Social media scheduled for only three times a day, emails scheduled for only morning and evening, return phone calls only at a certain time of the day, etc. Create a calendar and schedule for your marketing and communications.  This will make you more productive with your marketing and free you up to do more planning good promotions and networking to attract and connect with companies who can become sponsor relationships.

Still not sure how you can do all this, work on your car, race AND do your own marketing so you can attract and keep sponsors? I provide solutions and strategies to my clients and students in my programs each day. Because of these time management practices that I have personally designed for them and their situations they have been able to quickly acheive the results they want for their racing – way faster than they would on their own. That’s the beauty of having a coach because we come in and analyze your situation, design solutions that we know work and help you carry them out with support, motivation and accountabilty. So many of my clients say to me, that has been one of the biggest shifts for the better in their racing and lives!  This is why you see Marketing At Full Speed clients and students having success attracting and keeping sponsorships – this can be YOU too! Reach out to me today for a free call and talk to me about what you are struggling with. Click here to contact me. I am here for you! ~ Annamarie